Well, it seems, I have to move out.

I got yesterday a mail from my landlord. He plans some "very important and vital" modernizations, like installing a lift cabin for a 4 floor building(!), new apartments at the roof, installing balcony, total makeover of electric and water supply and a lot and lot of other useless modifications for 1.5 million Euro! And I have to pay 11% of it for nothing!

If I don't move out, I'll live for at least a year at a building yard and have to pay a double rent afterwards!

So, this way, since no one in the house can afford a double rent, a whole house (and it is more than 40 families!) is kicked out of the building to make place for new, shiny and expensive apartments. And there is almost nothing you can do against it!

Gentrification works this way. I'm just sad and speechless.

By Dimitri Sokolyuk
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