Migration to Golang

Again, it's time to move along.

My old blog was powered by Blogsum. It served well, but it had also some drawbacks.

First, as a Perl script, it relied on Apache and mod_perl module. With Apache removed from Base of OpenBSD, it isn't as easy to intergrate it with nginx or a new OpenBSD's http daemon httpd.

Second, over several past years, I got really exited with Go and would also like build something with it. I even started my own attempt on writing a Blog engine, but due to lack of time, it's almost abandoned. Thus, after some thoungts and tries, I preferred to go with Golang's own Blog engine.

It is maintened by a core team and suits quite well my needs. Simple plain article backend, no need for a fancy DB engine, only some minor style tweaks and here we go: a new Blog. It's also pretty trivial to hack.

By Dimitri Sokolyuk
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