0x10c - Random Weekend Project

There is a lot of hype around a new game from Notch right now. Just google it and you'll see a lot of poeple doing crazy stuff follofing his whistle. However, it's an interesting exercise.

There is also already a lot of different implementations for DCPU-16. Sadly, it seems, nobody knows the Right Tool™ for doing things like that anymore. ;-) So here we go: a DCPU-16 Assembler in Lex/Yacc. It's pretty stable and supports different dialects I've seen so far on the Net. I's quite amazing how easy it is to add new features. If you are scared about Yacc and Lex or even never heard of it, check it out.

There is also an Emulator. Right now it is done in Ncurses, as it was used to get done in Old Good Days™. However I'm not satisfied with its speed due to nature of Ncurses output. There will be a port to SDL, since DCPU-16 shall also have some kind of a graphic display.

Extended OpCodes and features:

What's missing:

If you like to look at my implementation, just browse through my CVS-Repository: src/dcpu16 or pull it from it.

To compile your program run dcpu prog.s, or start emulation with dcpu -e prog.s.

By Dimitri Sokolyuk
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