Execute program periodically, showing output fullscreen. A free counterpart to GNU watch.

     watch - execute program periodically, showing output fullscreen

     watch [-tv] [-n time] [command]

     The watch utility runs a command repeatedly and displays its
     output fullscreen.  This allow you to watch an output of the
     command as it changes.  If the command is absent, watch will
     prompt for it.

     The options are as follows:

     -n time
             Set delay between screen updates in seconds.  The
             default value is 2 seconds.

     -t      Disable output of the title bar.

     -v      Display version and terminate.

     Watch will terminate with the keyboard interrupt (`^C')

     watch -n 1 ps

     The original watch was written by Tony Rems in 1991, with mods
     and corrections by Francois Pinard.  It was rewritten completly
     from scratch by Dimitri Sokolyuk in 2003.
By Dimitri Sokolyuk
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